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Prepaid points received



Purchase of prepaid point is necessary

prepaid point

*Purchase of Membership Card is necessary.
*If you are a non member, please present your Idenfication card for verfication purposes.
Thank you for your understanding.

Lesson Fees

60mins 90mins






*There would be an extra charge for the followings:
・Forgotten to bring Membership card-¥100
・Re-issue of Membership Card due to lost-¥550
・Custody fee ¥100 (From the next day onwards)

Prepaid points

Points received Payment Period of expiry*refer below Miscellaneous


1 Month after purchase*refer below



2 Month after purchase*refer below



3 month after purchase*refer below

Cancellation fees

Within period of expiry

Cancellation fees

*Only for Members and cannot be used by any others except yourself.

*Period of expiry will be extended from the date that a new payment is made and points that was accumlated before would be brought forward as well

*Payment can be made by using Prepaid points and cash at the same time. (Only for normal lessons)
*Maximum cap for Prepaid points is 35000P.
*Can be use for lessons only. (Unable to use for Rental、Recital fees、Merchandise、Drinks、Miscellaneous)
*Besides normal lessons, anything else can only be paid by cash。
*Regardless of public holidays, off days for both the studio and instructors, Prepaid points would be invalid for use once the expiry period is over.
*Refunds will only be given within period of expiry.
*Prepaid points are non transferrable.

  • *Smoking is prohibited in all areas except for the smoking area which is located near the elevator.
  • *All lost and found items would be kept for 1 week only. After which, the items would be disposed accordingly.
  • *The studio would not be held responsible for any injuries that you might incur during lessons or any form of unfortunate events.
  • *Please be reminded that shoes that have been worn outside are not allowed to be worn inside the studio or the dressing room at all times.
  • *Please seek permission from the staff of the studio before using any of the equipment provided.
  • *In any case where you might have damage the studio’s equipment, please approach the receptionist for assistance.
    Repair fees might be charged based on the severity of the damage.
  • *Member cards must not be lent to any person for usage at all times. If found guilty of such action, your membership would be revoked.
  • *Inappropriate attitude towards the instructor and members of the studio or deemed as such would be asked to leave immediately.
  • *During lessons and recital practice, please observe the instruction given by the instructor.
    Do not create disturbance that may interfere with the lessons or the other members taking the lesson, or else you might be removed from the lesson or recital.
  • *Please pay before the start of the lesson. Do take note that only cash is accepted.
  • *Please kindly turn your mobile devices to silent mode during lessons.
  • *Please be mindful of your valuables and carry it with you at all times.
    The studio would not be responsible for any of your lost.
  • *The studio seeks your cooperation to keep it clean so please dispose your garbage accordingly.
  • *Please be advised to bring along your member card when attending lesson.
    You would be charged the non-member fees if you are unable to show your member card during payment.
  • *Videography is prohibited at all times.
  • *Anyone with case of heart attack, high blood pressure or suffers from seizure is not allowed to take part in the lessons.
    The studio would not be responsible if any unfortunate event were to happen to you.

The studio observes the right to revoke your membership or ask you to leave if you were to breach any of these rules.
Please be advised that there might be a possibility of changes to the rules and regulations stated here.
Notifications would be put up in the studio to update the members on the changes if this were to happen.

Studio Alleyoop
1-12-20shinsaibashi daiwa Bld.5F, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan

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