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Prepaid points received



Purchase of prepaid point is necessary

prepaid point

*Purchase of Membership Card is necessary.
*If you are a non member, please present your Idenfication card for verfication purposes.
Thank you for your understanding.

Lesson Fees

60mins 90mins






*There would be an extra charge for the followings:
・Forgotten to bring Membership card-\100
・Re-issue of Membership Card due to lost-\600
・Custody fee \100 (From the next day onwards)

Prepaid points

Points received Payment Period of expiry*refer below Miscellaneous


1 Month after purchase*refer below



2 Month after purchase*refer below



3 month after purchase*refer below

Cancellation fees

Within period of expiry

Cancellation fees

*Only for Members and cannot be used by any others except yourself.

*Period of expiry will be extended from the date that a new payment is made and points that was accumlated before would be brought forward as well

*Payment can be made by using Prepaid points and cash at the same time. (Only for normal lessons)
*Maximum cap for Prepaid points is 35000P.
*Can be use for lessons only. (Unable to use for Rental、Recital fees、Merchandise、Drinks、Miscellaneous)
*Besides normal lessons, anything else can only be paid by cash。
*Regardless of public holidays, off days for both the studio and instructors, Prepaid points would be invalid for use once the expiry period is over.
*Refunds will only be given within period of expiry.
*Prepaid points are non transferrable.

  • *No smoking within studios and front office. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
  • *Outside shoes are strictly prohibited in studios and dressing room. In studio, you cannot wear the shoes which you wear outside even once.
  • *Lost property can be kept for only one week. After one week, we will discard the items.
  • *Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any injury or accident.
  • *If you break our equipments, please inform us immediately at the front dest, and please follow our instruction. Depends on the situation, we might need you to pay for the damages in full.
  • *Lending or assigning the membership card (includes prepaid) is strictly prohibited. If we find out any dishonest behavior, you will be disqualified from membership.
  • *We may refuse you to take the class and ask you to cancel the membership if we expect that you will cause trouble to our instructors or other members.
  • *We may refuse you to take the class and refuse you to appear on our dance recital if you cannot follow our instructors’ intention and instruction.
  • *We only accept cash for the payment. Please make sure to pay the lesson fee before you take the lesson.
  • *Please set your mobile phone to silent during the lesson.
  • *To take care of the personal belongings and valuables is self-managing and self-responsibility. Please bring your personal belongings and valuables in the studio. We do not take any responsibility or liability for any loss and theft.
  • *Please follow the rules in the building, and please do not throw away trash.
  • *Please make sure to bring your membership card when you take the lesson. If you forget your membership card, we need to charge you as non-membership rate.
  • *Unauthorized using any equipments in the studio is strictly prohibited.
  • *Taking video (includes camera and phone) is prohibited.
  • *You cannot take the class if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy etc. or if you are asked from doctor to refrain from sports. If by any chance you take the class and an accident occurs, we do not take any responsibility or liability for that.

If you cannot agree above Important notices , Terms and conditions of membership (separate sheet) and Fee systems (separate sheet), we might refuse you to join the membership or cancel your membership.

  • ・Please kindly complete your payment at the front desk on the 5 th floor before starting the class.
  • ・If you would like to cancel the WS after you reserve, please contact us by up to 4 days before the WS to prevent any cancellation fee.
     From 3 days before the WS, we will charge you the cancellation fee.
     For the person who is supposed to be a membership on the WS day and cancel the WS, the cancellation fee will be charged as visitor (non-membership) rate.
     By up to 4 days before... No cancellation fee
     From 3 days before to the day before ... Charge 50% of cancellation fee
     On the day... Charge 100% of cancellation fee
  • ・In any case it will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • ・If you are late for the class on the day, please call us in advance. If you are not in the class on time without notice, you will be canceled automatically, and the person who is in the cancel waiting list will join the class instead of you.
  • ・To cancel the class, please contact us over phone. (Not via email) You need to come to the studio to pay the cancellation fee within a week from the date you canceled.
  • ・Please understand that if you don’t come to pay within the time specified, a late charge might be added. Please bring your identification to be a membership in the day. If you are under junior high school age, you need to be accompanied by a guardian to be a membership.
  • ・If you are a member, please make sure to bring your membership card. If you forget to bring the card, you might be charged as a Visitor (Non-member) rate.
  • ・Please take care of your personal belongings by yourself. Please bring your valuables with you to the class studio. Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss.
  • ・You cannot enter the studio with the outdoor shoes on, so please make sure to bring your indoor shoes.
  • ・You cannot use any powder in the studio.
  • ・If you break the equipment or deface the floor or wall, you may need to pay for the damage.
  • ・Please keep the studio clean. Please discard the trash to the right place.
  • ・We may refuse you to take the class if we expect that you will cause trouble to instructors or other students.
  • ・We do not take any responsibility or liability for any trouble with the instructors and between students.
  • ・We may refuse you to take the class if you are sick on the day. Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability even if you get sick during the class or after the class.
  • ・This agreement can be changed without notice. We appreciate your understandings.

Available time






※1 22:00-23:00

※1 20:00-23:00

6 hours pack
※1 23:00-5:00

*Available time of studio rental changes based on the class schedule.
*Rental studio is reservation-only.
There is no staff during this time frame (※1).
Therefore, for payment, either you come to the front desk within our business hour, or you pay at the ticket machine on 4th floor.
Please kindly understand that we cannot give you a membership-discount in any case if you pay at the ticket machine.

Rental rates

Sutudio 1 hour 6 hours pack
from 11pm
Weekday 11:30-17:00 All day of Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays
Weekday 17:00-23:00
Studio1(Commercial Purpose (like WS))
For the first 1 hour: ¥1,5000
After the first 1 hour: ¥5,000 per 30 min


Studio1(Ordinary Use)
































*If you bring your membership car and identification and pay the rental studio fee by the day during business hours, you can get \500 discount.


Charger for iphone

1 piece


iphone Lighting adapter

1 piece


You can use existing audio equipment for the studio rentals. If you would like to use optional equipment, please tell us in advance.
If we find out that you used above optional equipment without permission, we will charge you additional cost at a later date.
Regarding the use of other equipment that you need to connect, please be sure to ask our staff in advance.
We only have a limited number of the items, so please note that there is possibility that you cannot rent the quantity you need.


・Vending machines
・Air-conditioning and heating
※Some studios are not allowed to use AC. For more details, please check “About studio AC” on the rental page.
・Dressing Room
*AC and heating might not be available for all-night rental.

Audio equipment

*Except Studio 2 and 3
・Connector for iPod
*Do not connect and use the microphone

About Reservation
Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance.
Business hours and Rental hours vary with the day of the week. Business hours might change due to the class cancellations.
Please be sure to check the Business / Rental hours and make a reservation.
About Payment
Facilities fee is not required.The price stays the same in any number of people.
Even thought you use the studio for commercial purpose, the price still stays the same. (Except Studio 1)
For only Studio1, we set the rental fee separately for commercial purpose.
For more details, please check the rate sheet.
Also, you are not allowed to rent Studio1 all night for commercial purpose.
Please complete your payment at the front desk on the day before using. (CASH ONLY)
If you are late over 30 min without notice, your reservation will be cancelled.
If you are a membership, please show us your membership card and identification at the time of the payment. (Only during business hours)
About Change and Cancellation
You must call us to cancel the reservation at least 4 days in advance to prevent late cancellation.
From 3 days in advance, you need to pay the cancellation fee.
Please pay the cancellation fee in person at the front desk within a week after you cancelled the reservation.
You might need to pay a late charge additionally if you pass a week from the date you canceled or the date you didn’t pay.
Regarding a rental time change, you can extend the hours if there is an available studio, but changing the hours or shorten the hours is treated as cancel.
In any case it will be charged a cancellation fee.
About Cancellation

Without notice

With notice

on the day

Charge 100% of studio rental fee

Cancel commission fee \1,100
*We cannot allow you to rent our studio from next time.

Charge 100% of studio rental fee

from 3 days before to the day before

Charge 50% of studio rental fee

About Studio Air-conditioning
Regarding Studio2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8, you can only use AC for cooling, not for heating.
If you would like to use heater, please kindly use simple heater which is equipped in the room.
(Regarding Studio1 and 6, you can use AC for cooling and heating.)
Also, please understand that you cannot change the set temperature at Studio2 and 3 in the daytime, since we set the temperature collectively.
December to February: No AC
October, November, March to May: AC 23℃
June to September: AC 20℃
(For all-night rental, you can control the room temperature)

Studio Rental Terms & Conditions

  • ・Basically, studio rental is for practice or rehearsal. Please do not use the studio for other purposes such as accommodation, wrap up party, etc.
  • ・Food is not allowed in the studio. (Drink: Allowed, Alcohol: Not allowed)
  • ・Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited in all studios, front desk, and common area (waiting area, hallway, etc.).
  • ・All-night rental is not allowed to people who are under 18.
  • ・・On the daytime (during Business hours), a guardian must be required for people who are under junior high school age.
  • ・Rental time is from entering the studio to leaving the studio. For all-night rental, rental time is from entering the studio to leaving the building. Please prepare to leave the studio 5 min before the finish time, and please leave the studio on time. If you use the studio overtime, you might be charged the additional fee.
  • ・We monitor the studios by camera.
  • ・We prohibit you from using the studio you didn’t reserve and using the studio outside of the rental hours. If you do, we will charge you a rental fee.
  • ・We prohibit you from staying long hours in our facilities (hallway, dressing room, etc.) before and after using the studio.
  • ・Do not enter the studio with outdoor shoes. Please wear indoor shoes in the studio.
  • ・If you wear outdoor shoes in the studio, we might charge you a cleaning fee separately at a late date.
  • ・If you move the equipment, table, etc. when you use the studio, please put those back to the original place when you leave. Please turn off the light and mop a floor when you leave.
  • ・If you break the studio equipment, you have to pay for the damages in full.
  • ・We do not take any responsibility or liability for any injury or accident. Also, we do not take any responsibility or liability for the trouble between our customers under any circumstances.
  • ・Connecting the equipment which consumes large amount of electricity such as dryer, hair iron, projector and so on is prohibited.If we find out that you use such equipment, we will charge you the additional fee.

Please be sure to follow the below rules if you use the rental studio as waiting room for the event.
If you do not follow the bellow rules, we might charge you an additional fee, and we might prohibit you from renting our studio in the future.

  • ①Do not use the equipment (chair, desk, etc.) in the hallway.
     *Do not bring your own thing in the studio.
  • ②You can only use studio, restroom and dressing room.
     *You cannot play music in the hallway or waiting area.
  • ③Do not drink alcohol. Do not bring alcohol from a club.
  • ④Post no bills
  • ⑤Do not enter the building earlier than 15 min before.
     *Payment is available from 15 minutes before.
  • ⑥Do not gather in front of the 1 st floor entrance since it causes annoyance to other facilities nearby.
  • ⑦You must leave completely by 5am.
     *Please throw away the garbage to the trashcan. Please turn off every light.
Studio Alleyoop
1-12-20shinsaibashi daiwa Bld.5F, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan

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